UMP EBC Technical FAQ

General Information

Q: What is the University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection?

A: The University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection (UMP EBC) is a collection of scholarly ebooks published by the University of Michigan Press that was first made available for sale to libraries on January 10, 2019. It is hosted on our own Fulcrum platform and sold to libraries by LYRASIS, a non-profit organization that acts as an agent for its 1,200 members (and other clients) to buy content collections and technology solutions. The commitment we make to libraries is that the collection will include at least 80 new books every year as well as a growing backlist.

Q: What titles are included and excluded for UMP EBC?

A: UMP EBC is a comprehensive collection of all new scholarly University of Michigan Press books, including both specialist monographs and adoptable course books. It does not include titles for which the Press does not have ebook rights, regional trade titles, or true textbooks (mostly the Press’s English Language Teaching titles). It contains distributed titles unless those are specifically opted out. A complete list of all titles in the collection is available that not only shows which books are included in the collection, but also indicates which are not and why.

Q: Do open access books appear in UMP EBC?

A: Yes, they do. In January 2021, the Press announced its plan to transition to an open access monograph model termed Fund to Mission. Read more about Fund to Mission here.

Q: How are frontlist titles added to UMP EBC?

A: Frontlist titles are added monthly on the first weekday of the month (i.e. titles with an April publication date would be published on Fulcrum and available in the collection at the start of May).

Q: Will the UMP EBC be continually updated?

A: Yes. As well as adding new frontlist books every year, we will continue to add to the backlists as time and funding allows. Our first priority will be to “make whole” the lists for the years 2018 to 2012 inclusive.

Q: How far back do the backlist years go in UMP EBC?

A: Fulcrum works best with reflowable EPUB3 files and we have focused initially on making sure that we have these for the period 2018-2012. Prior to 2012 our ebook formats are more variable and so we have defined the “archive” collection (in which very few years are currently complete) as 2011 and prior. 

MARC Records

Q: Are MARC records available directly from UMP?

A: Yes, MARC files for all EBC titles can be downloaded from These files contain all the records which have been completed by the University of Michigan Library cataloging department. These records may be completed a few months before the title is loaded onto the Fulcrum platform. Currently, the 2019 file contains only titles that are currently available (though earlier versions of the 2019 file contained additional records); we are working on a refined workflow that will add these records to the other MARC files only when the titles are available on Fulcrum. You can sign up for monthly updates on new MARC files by sending an email to

Q: What do the filenames of the MARC records mean?

A:Files named for a specific product/collection, e.g. 'UMPEBC_2022.mrc', contain the cumulative set of MARC records for all titles that are currently live in that collection. These files are the best option for making sure you have the most up-to-date set of records. We also make available incremental update files for those who prefer only to load records that have been added or corrected since your previous load. In this case, just download and load the files named e.g. 'UMPEBC_2022_update_YYYY-MM-DD.mrc', substituting YYYY-MM-DD with all dates that follow the last time you loaded records for this collection.

For example:

  • 'UMPEBC_2011Pre.mrc' contains all records for titles with a copyright date of 2011 or previous.
  • 'UMPEBC_2011Pre_update_2021-09-15.mrc' contains only records for the above collection that were added on September 15, 2021 (either because the title is newly added to the collection or the cataloging is newly complete). It will not contain records from previous update files unless those records are being enhanced or corrected in this update.
  • 'UMPEBC_Complete.mrc' contains all records from all collections, including those included in UMPEBC_2011Pre.mrc.
  • 'UMPEBC_OA.mrc' contains records for all Open Access titles across all collections.

Q: Are KBART files available directly from UMP?

A: Yes. KBART files provide metadata only for those titles which are currently available on the platform. KBART files are available from

Q: When will the backfiles be officially "closed" or complete so that we can stop checking back for MARC records?

A: The MARC records are organized by publication year. For 2019, the collection will be complete by the end of December. For 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 we are filling some gaps, so the collections will be completed by the end of 2019 also. For 2011 and prior (what UMP refers to as the “Archive”) there will be a continual process of adding older titles -- many of which have not yet been made available as ebooks -- and this will take a number of years. This is also why we do not offer a permanent access option for the Archive.

EZProxy Stanzas

Q: How do I configure my proxy server to enable access?

A: Adding this stanza to your EZProxy configuration will work in most cases:

Last updated July 22, 2022:

T Fulcrum
Find id="permalink" aria-label="citable link" value="https://
Replace id="permalink" aria-label="citable link" value="https://^A

However, there are circumstances in which you may want to add a more nuanced configuration.

If you’re currently using RedirectSafe or NeverProxy for, then add the following near the top of your config file:

AnonymousURL +*
AnonymousURL +*
AnonymousURL +*
AnonymousURL +*

… and add this line to the end of the Fulcrum stanza:

AnonymousURL -*

Similarly, the following lines should be added near the top of your config file instead of using RedirectSafe or NeverProxy for or

AnonymousURL +*
AnonymousURL +*
AnonymousURL +*
AnonymousURL +*

This would also require the presence of the following line to the end of the Fulcrum stanza:

AnonymousURL -*

Please note that throttle settings in your configuration may have a negative impact on your members' use of large files on Fulcrum. 

Authentication and Authorization

Q: Do you support IPv6?

The University of Michigan campus backbone, on which Fulcrum is hosted, does not support IPv6 at this time. Please continue to send us your IPv4 ranges for basic authentication.

Q: Do you support Single Sign-On (SSO) via Shibboleth or OpenAthens?

A: Fulcrum supports access for your institution's members through federated Single Sign-On technologies such as Shibboleth or OpenAthens. Fulcrum is a member of InCommon and participates in eduGAIN.  Allowing your members to access UMP EBC via your Shibboleth / OpenAthens Identity Provider requires the following:

  1. Your institution must have a SAML-based Identity Provider (IdP) whose metadata we can consume via a stable URL and which defines a security domain using shibMD:scope. This is most commonly achieved through membership to an identity federation that participates in eduGAIN.  The following federations have been confirmed to support access to Fulcrum via eduGAIN as of November 2019:
    • Canadian Access Federation (CAF)
    • HEAnet / Edugate
    • InCommon
    • UK Federation
  2. Your Identity Provider must be configured to release attribute 'eduPersonScopedAffiliation' to entityId ''.
  3. You must provide us with the entityId of your Identity Provider.

This information can be included in your order form or emailed to

Please note that Fulcrum is not a member of OpenAthens Federation. You must participate in another identity federation to take advantage of SSO integration.

Q: Are WAYFless URLs supported?

A: Yes. If you have Shibboleth/SSO access set up, the DOIs in the MARC records can be modified to create WAYFless URLs. This will allow your patrons to authenticate at your institutional portal without encountering a login prompt on Fulcrum. If the patron already has an active session with your institution's Identity Provider, then their access will be seamless.

To make a BAR DOI into a WAYFless URL, append the following:

?urlappend=%3fentityID=[your institution's entityID]

For example, a WAYFless version of for the University of Michigan would be:

While we try to avoid DOIs that resolve to Fulcrum URLs that contain query parameters (e.g. "?locale=en"), if such an exception occurs, the WAYFless URL syntax above will result in an error. In these cases, please append the following instead:

?urlappend=%26entityID=[your institution's entityID]

To create a WAYFless link to the collection as a whole:[your institution's entityID]


Q: When will the DOIs be redirected to the Fulcrum platform? 

A: Titles appear in the MARC files as soon as the record is created (usually a few weeks prior to the publication date). The MARC files include DOIs. These are initially pointed to the catalog record on the Press website, but when the title is launched on the Fulcrum platform the DOI is redirected to the title. This workflow has caused libraries to receive access errors for new books. We are working on making sure that the MARC records are only made available after the title is made live on the platform so these errors do not occur any more. This process has been completed for the 2019 file, and will be applied the backlist and cumulative files soon.

Usage Statistics

Please see UMP EBC Usage Statistics FAQ.

Downloading Content

Q: What content download options are available?

A: Users are able to download entire ebooks in a single PDF or EPUB file. We currently do not offer the option of downloading individual chapters. 

Discoverability / Delivery Services

Q: How often are the delivery service providers updated with Fulcrum ebook collections for the University of Michigan Press?

A: U-M Press has entered into a number of agreements to make EBC collections more discoverable and to enable auto-loading of MARC records; the workflows for getting our content ingested and indexed are still being worked out with the vendors. Our agreements should get EBC indexed in the following services:

The table below reflects the status of each vendor product.

VendorProduct TypeProduct Name
EBSCODiscoveryEBSCO Discovery Service

Knowledge BaseHoldings & Linking Manager (HLM)
OCLCKnowledge BaseCollection Manager

Knowledge BaseWorldCat

Knowledge BaseWorldShare
ProQuest / Ex LibrisDiscoveryPrimo (Central Discovery Index)

DiscoverySummon (Central Discovery Index)

Knowledge Base360 (Client Center, Intota)

Knowledge BaseAlma Community Zone

Knowledge BaseSFX

We will send out more information once these services are ready.

Q: Are there plans to provide chapter-level indexing for inclusion in the Ex Libris Primo Central index?

A: We don't have chapter metadata at this time, but it is something we are working on for future years. 

Technical Support

Q: How can I get individualized technical support?

A: Please report technical issues or questions to We will respond within two business days at the latest, and usually much faster.

Q: How can I customize the institutional name in the top right corner of Fulcrum with the name of our library?

A: Email us at and tell us how you would like your institution name to display. Please note that the description should reflect the extent to which access has been granted to the collection; this may be to an entire university system or a particular campus, but is rarely confined to a library.